Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bloggers and MSM Links on the Badman Review

Bishop Hill (on Human Rights)
Bishop Hill (An Englishman's Home is his Castle)
CentreRight (Mark Field on New Labour casting away yet another civil liberty)
Children are People (A letter to an MP)
Educating Outside the Box (on Badman's twisting of the UNCRC)
Grit's Day (on why she is a failure - according to Mr Badman, that is)
HSLDA on how the UNCRC has been manipulated by Graham Badman and the UK gov't
Liberal Vision (on the Lib Dems pov)
Lord Lucas (seeking constructive suggestions...let's be creative folks!)
Making it Up (a letter to John Gummer)
Making it Up (on what we can do about the report)
Mark Field (They Work for You.)
Nothing Exceptional (Reasons to be angry re the review)
Patch of Puddles (What the Review will really mean: putting the Schooling between Children and Families)
Peter Hitchens (on the Jack Boot of the state)
Reflections in the Green House
Schoolhouse Press Release
Sometimes it's Peaceful
Spiked Online
Staffordshire (Letter to MP)

Other press reports:

BBC 1 News with Ann Newstead and Josh (You Tube)
BBC website - (Balls Defends Plan)
Brighton Argus: on the Brighton Bubble Event
Brighton Argus: Dani's Comment.
CYPNow quoting Josh, Rowan and Freya
CYPNow on HEYC visit to DCSF
CYPNow on HE parent's anger at right of entry
More 4 News with Ann Newstead (You Tube)
The Guardian
The Guardian Clampdown on home schoolers won't help children
The Guardian ...on how the Badman proposals are driving HEors NOTB.
Children and Young People's Daily Bulletin
The Mail
The Independent (on AE)
The Independent (on the now debunked Badman claim that HE children are twice as likely to be on at risk registers.)
The Independent: Sue Cardus's response  (scroll down a bit)
The Telegraph (government's appetite for control).
The Telegraph (report re Badman review).
The Telegraph (Tom Hodgkinson of the Idler groks HE).
Washington Times (Homeschooling losing ground all over Europe...UNCRC, Badman, Sweden, Germany)


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