Sunday, May 13, 2007

NB: Fiona v. Tony on Radio 5 Today

Around 10.30 am, today - Sunday 13th on Radio 5, Fiona Nicholson (chair of EO's Government Policy Group) will be going "head to head" with LA HE inspector Tony Mooney.

Tony had better watch out!

UPDATE: There is a comment thread on the piece starting up on the BBC message board here.

FURTHER UPDATE: Listen to the interview from 40 mins into the Julian Worricker programme here. A transcript of the interview now available, thanks to Gill.


Anonymous said...

do you know whether it happened? Couldn't find it browsing through the play again thingy


Carlotta said...

I don't think the listen again facility has been put up yet. Will link to it, asap.

I thought Fiona and son Theo did as well as they possibly could have done, given the constraints
that were placed upon them by limited time, the bias in the studio, and the entrenched, narrow and oftentimes erroneous perceptions of education.

It was certainly far better that they were there to attempt to counteract the myths and misunderstandings that Tony Mooney seems intent on spreading about than simply to let him go on and on unchallenged.

Carlotta said...

Link to the listen again facility now available.

Anonymous said...

I listened,and I think the main problem is still people think you are taking your child out of society and excluding them from things.

Yes, you are excluding them from being brain washed, stressed, bullied and forced to follow a narrow bland curriculum and tested at every possible way.

Oh sooo much work to do to enlighten people!