Friday, January 25, 2008

Brighton and Hove

"The responsibility of the council is to ensure that parents provide their children with a suitable education."

It is hard to believe it, but yes, various councils from around the country seem quite happy to go about creating their own litigation nightmares. This time it's Brighton and Hove.

Thankfully, home educators in the area are trying to put them right.

"We say: this is not true. The law gives parents the responsibility to ensure that children receive a suitable education, not the local council."

Go there, HEline. Looks as if you have plenty of work on your hands helping some remedial students develop the skills of accurate reading, comprehension and ability to think through the consequences.

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Martyn said...

Carlotta, thanks for the comment on Booksurfer - I really enjoyed your blog - it has masses of info and raises many pertinent issues. Forgive me for posting a link here, but I couldn't locate your email address and I thought you might be interested in reading this article I wrote last year on the U3A.
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