Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lord Kirkwood on JSA

Wow, finally someone understands just how litigious home educators are likely to become:

From Lord Kirkwood, (column GC35)

"In terms of home education, the department is heading straight for a judicial review. Home education used to be a lifestyle choice by people with a kind of hippy way of life. It is not any more. It is worrying that the department does not know how many people this measure will apply to, but I would put money on the fact that the provisions in the regulations will be challenged in the courts by those who home educate. I would support them in doing that because someone needs to test the fairness of the regulations as they currently stand."


Anonymous said...

you can't be serious!

Carlotta said...

Of course, I think there already are and certainly could be in the very near future better reasons(see posts on consultation about guidance on identifying children missing from suitable education)for testing government policy in court, but I think HEors will be up for those too.