Wednesday, April 01, 2009

More Information on Notschool

...has been provided by an anonymous commentator here, as a result of which, I am now interested to know if Notschool could actually cater for autonomous educators.


Anonymous said...

How would a goverment thing (especially if it's enforced) cater for autonomy?

cosmic seed said...

isn't that a paradox?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if They will try and merge a Tasmanian Model with NotSchool. So we have to reg and be approved AND we have to use the curriculum provided by NotSchool.

I can think of two families I know where NotSchool might help. One is a home ed family struggling with it all and the other is a family with a school child who is struggling very badly.

I am seriously concerned however that this system will force me to force my children to learn stuff that is either just rubbish or propaganda as well as the appalling moral stance schools force on children.
Gotta run...but I feel a blog entry on curriculum coming on.

Jemmo said...

I think the issue with anything like this, from monitoring to resources of a NotSchool type (and I know that NotSchool is certainly not being suggested as appropriate to all EHE families), is that they have to be optional. Compulsion to use this software, join that group, register with those people is unsatisfactory as it is a further limitation of civil liberties, and hence you will always get dissenters. Tasmania has compulsory registration with THEAC, but there are still many HE families there who do not register, many apparently simply because it is compulsory. This may seem like stubborn bloody-mindedness, but it is in fact a perfectly rational statement on their feelings about living in a 'free' society, and their antipathy at being compelled to do something by, as they see it, politicians.

Given that so many of us are extremely upset by the notion of compulsory schooling (the imprisonment of children in schools), we can expect a similar proportion of dissenters here to any form of compulsory registration/ICT resource/monitoring. Make such things attractive, providing real benefits and no associated penalties, and many those who feel they would benefit from such help (and they do exist) will happily step forward for advice.