Thursday, May 14, 2009

Staffordshire's Response to the HE Review

Many congratulations are due to Matt Hupfield who persisted with a FOI requesting Staffordshire's response to the HE review in the face of obscure objections by Staffs LA.

I was just about to post an anxious/furious rant about Staff's response but Gill has stayed calm(ish) and done a much better job of it.


Gill said...

Oh, I'd like to have read yours - a bit of fury (to add to Matt's and that of anyone else who's struggled with it) is probably just what's needed to deal with this shower.

Anonymous said...

Ranting seems a fair repsonse. I am still seething. WHAT are those people on!?
And of course here we are in May and where is the report?
June is looking more likely after all; and what court case is brewing I wonder.