Friday, May 14, 2010

The Demise of the DSCF

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To be replaced at least in part, by the Department for Education.

No wonder the incoming government felt they needed a fresh start. From the Guardian:

"Last year, the then schools secretary, Ed Balls, was accused of wasting money on a £3m makeover of the DCSF. This was said to include shipping designer furniture from Italy and installing a grand staircase made from glass and surgical steel. It came at a time when he needed to make £2bn in savings.

(HT: Jem for the button).


Alice said...

Hope he doesn't get the Labour leadership.

Anonymous said...

It's a start and looks like a good one.
I laughed when I read that some "feared" that families wouldn't be a priority. I just hope we aren't' it's time we were left alone.

emma said...

No no, Alice - hope he DOES get the labour leadership. They'd never ever ever win an election with him in charge.