Monday, July 12, 2010

Maggie Atkinson under Review

Here's an idea. Don't bother with a review. Just get rid of her. She never represented anyone else's views other than her own and these were frankly terrible: bullying, statist, interventionist.


Anonymous said...

hope she's sacked asap.
I think it's time this new Govt took the axe to those who are a waste of money and stopped them sacking people who actually work for a living.

Anonymous said...

you are so right mum6kids lets hope she is sacked at once!
but will Gove just replace her with some one he can control and just carry on with the Children's Commissioner role? the queen is dead long live the queen?

dont tory/labour just pack out these groups with they friends?

Carlotta said...

Am just praying that the Tories will just get rid of the whole wasteful caboodle.

Have been trying to ask for something to this effect on the Great Repeal Bill site, but can't see how to do it, so have FB'd Graham Stuart instead. He (now Chair of the Ed Select Comm) is of libertarian inclination, so can probably see the point of getting rid of an utterly useless quango.

If anyone else is on FB and friends with Graham, it would be great if they could show a groundswell of support for the idea of an easy saving that will only hurt Maggie and cronies and will free up families everywhere.

(Maggie was the one who called the children of Britain "her" children. That was truly chilling.)

Anonymous said...

Take a look at what Simon Webb has said about Peter/family on his web blog

He got his facts wrong again Peter has many mates and goes to scouts

and does not just learn Maths!

Tell old webb what you think!

Carlotta said...

Desperately frustrating Anonymous, but I have given up trying to communicate with Simon. As far as I have ever seen, he refuses to debate almost everything honestly. He listens neither to good information nor to serious criticism of his ideas and only ever proceeds by engaging with those who agree with him or by addressing the weakest critical points.

He also routinely denigrates ideas about which he knows or understands next to nothing

Until someone else demonstrates a way of helping him learn, I just can't be bothered to communicate with him, I'm afraid!

Anonymous said...

Until someone else demonstrates a way of helping him learn, I just can't be bothered to communicate with him, I'm afraid!

i think your right! just wanted people to know that webb has got his facts wrong about this family.

Peter does not just do chess he does many many things and his a scout leader something Webb refuses to put on his blog! Peter also got many friends of boys and girls!

Peter can give up chesss 2morro and it would not matter to the family at all!

Anonymous said...

Webb doing it again atacking Peter and family on his webb site and he got his facts wrong about Peter and the case!

Big mamma frog said...

SW is well known for his attention-seeking and in my opinion is best not given the fuel that he desires. The best thing I think is to resist stooping so low as to directly answer or challenge his comments, but instead post positive well-tempered comments about HE instead.

Anonymous said...

they only replace her with some one who is the same!

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