Friday, November 19, 2010

What most autonomous educators already know

...that late reading isn't a disadvantage.


Simon Webb said...

This would be so much more convincing if it had not been written by the fellow who ran the Steiner group at the university. He already knew what he believed about late acquisition of reading and then set out to prove it. Perhaps a piece of research from somewhere and somebody a little more mainstream would be useful.

Carlotta said...

Taking your argument seriously, S, why would a mainstream researcher suffer from less of a bias?

The thing is, S, he IS right! Have seen this phenomenon way too often to actually doubt it.

Anonymous said...

It's true that many studies are often required to be reasonably certain of any particular result; it's also the case that a research topic is often initiated on the basis of a hunch.

Simon Webb tries to belittle the author in question - Dr Sebastian Suggate - by suggesting that he isn't "mainstream"; in fact, following this research, Suggate won a prestigious Humboldt foundation fellowship to take to Germany - see his current web page here.

Simon Webb, on the other hand... what, exactly, is Simon Webb?