Wednesday, March 23, 2011

News of yet another consultation the third from last paragraph here. 

"The consultation document Hunt will launch next month will also set out three areas for discussion starting with how to foster innovation in areas such as games, telemedicine, home education and "micro-broadcasting" or local television."



Dave H said...

Hunt is culture minister, not education. I suspect he's used the term without understanding the meaning that many of us would use.

Given his position, my guess is he's thinking along the lines of providing good educational programmes via TV, a bit like the old OU stuff but possibly at a lower level.

Firebird said...

He came to our local group to meet home educators during the Badman mess, and he's had individual meetings AND I gave him a stonking great file. He OUGHT to know. However I agree with Dave that he, or his minions (remember he probably didn't write the text himself) probably mean something else. No harm in confirming that of course.