Monday, April 25, 2011

And more on the 20 day delay in de-registration

A response from Neil T to Nick Gibb's letter.

If you haven't yet seen NG's letter, it can be found in comments here. 


Peter and Carol said...

Dear Mr & Mrs Williams and Peter

Having discussed this with the minister, as well as reading the Permanent Secretary’s explanatory letter, I must say it seems an entirely sensible move to me. I am not sure what your objection would be to making such a move by Statutory Instrument. The Permanent Secretary makes it quite clear that this does not adversely impact the right to home educate – indeed if anything I would have thought at the margin it would strengthen it.


Damian Hinds M.P

Peter and Carol said...

our reply to our M.P

Dear Mr Hinds

The response you have given in no way addresses any of the concerns we and others have made. It is really just saying trust us and go away.

The truth of the matter is that this is just the first tiny step in making it more difficult for people to Home Educate. If as stated in David Bell's letter the aim is to ensure that any issues that may have led to the parent withdrawing their child from school then surely this change should be given much more thought, consideration and consultation - oh silly us people might have said they didn't agree with it and where would the Department of Education be then! Government always rushes through things that it knows people won't like hoping that there is no time to object.

As you and/or the Department of Education have chosen not to answer the detailed questions we have asked then we can only assume that indeed ours and others concerns are well founded. We once again give you the opportunity to answer in detail the concerns we raised in our email below and prove that we are wrong.

As our elected MP we must lobby you about the things that are important to us and this subject is very close to our hearts not just for ourselves but for the Home Educators of the future because the way the Education system is going there is going to be more and more of us.

Yours Sincerely

Peter, Carol & Peter Williams
A Home Educating Family