Friday, July 06, 2012

New Option for GCSEs and AS Levels

Loughborough College's Connect Scheme has been open to chronically ill children and elite sports people, but from September, will also be open to teens educated at home.

It seems tuition is free for 16-18's but as the College does not get funding currently for under 16's, that is more expensive, although they have had students as young as 11. People might be able get help with this under the alternative provision funding.  

The College does a limited number of GCSEs (English, Maths and Science) and a few A-levels, but are looking to expand the range of GCSEs in future.  They do on-line learning with tutor support but may also do lab sessions in future as a block or as day sessions. 


Ross Mountney said...

Such a great site here. Can't believe I haven't come across it before. I'll add it to my list on
All the best.

Big mamma frog said...

It seems almost too good to be true and makes me wonder what the catch is :) I guess they might change their mind when they get a stampede of HE families wanting to do their courses :)

I'm hoping with all the shake-up with vocational qualifications and extended age of compulsory education there will be greater variety of courses and better accessibility for HE children on the horizon. I guess we'll see.