Friday, October 05, 2012

Badman in the TES on the Welsh Situation.

NB: he may be a prof of something or other, but as far as any of us are aware, there isn't such a thing as a professorship in home education and to most home educators I know, he is still far from an expert on the subject.

The comments are instructive.


Pete Darby said...

At least people have stopped calling him "Sir Graham"

Carlotta said...

He might have to return to it after his prof tenureship is up though, since if it is this one, it only lasts 2 years.

Carlotta said...

I've a tiny bit of a bad conscience just now...about the ad hominems, I mean, but trouble is, the TES started it with the "expert" and the "prof" bits.

If anyone wants a proper refutation of Badman's arguments, they should read at least the first 2 comments.

mamacrow said...

a professorship is linked to a university, isn't it?

So no, you can't have an HE professor!

Oh, wait a minute, unless, as Home Edding parents, that makes us ALL HE Professors?!

Anonymous said...

i have a feeling the converstive want to bring new laws on home education those same old civil serants will be briefing the government what should be done to home educators in the interst of child welfare!
They dont like hone education cos they cant brain wash our children!
i wrote loads of times in the past to these civil servants and our M<P buts its a waste of time!

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