Thursday, January 03, 2013

Welsh HE Proposals for Registration On Hold.

So far so good, but Andrew Leighton needs to know that however long he takes, nothing will change the argument.

As Mike Fortune Wood said:

"It (the bill) effectively means the state is responsible for educating the children and parents have to seek permission for what otherwise would have been their responsibility."


Danae said...

Sometimes you just wonder if these people actually think through their proposals. It's only when the implications of registration of home education etc. are pointed out that they start to squirm away from the hard line stance they've undertaken.

Anonymous said...

they think it though but always see how many people are against they ideas before deciding to go ahead with it.It is senior civil servants who are pushing for more control over home education they tell the M>Ps that this is what needs doing the M>Ps just agree most times you may get the odd M>p who don't agree but most just go along with what ever they told to do!