Thursday, April 28, 2016

There may be trouble ahead...

From the TES:

Having won a reprieve during the last Labour administration, the Home Education lobby will no doubt be preparing for a fight after Ms Morgan signalled that she would like more “regulation” around where children go when they are withdrawn from mainstream education. It was an area of “concern”, the education secretary said.

What Nicky actually said...from 16.52


Anonymous said...

those civil servants up to they old tricks again many of them are uptight that badmans ideas where stoped

Anonymous said...

I sent her department an email objecting to her thoughts Dear Nicky Morgan

I am writing to ask you not to bring in any new laws for home education. Any
concerns about a child can already be referred to social services who have
plenty of powers to intervene.When we taught our son from home we would not
have wanted LA officers interfering in the curriculum.Many LA officers can
only see teaching if it is copying the state school curriculum which fails a
lot of children.

I have a letter from David Cameron office when he was leader of the
Opposition dated Wednesday 26th of August 2009 and I quote Parent should
have the right to chose the education system that best serves their child
and home schooling should be included in this choice, Parents who make that
choice,should be entitled to the same presumption of innocence and
competence that school going children's parents receive,unless evidence
dictates otherwise

I can send you a copy of the letter if you want?

I hope your not going down the route of anther consultation on home

Yours sincerely

Mr Peter Williams

i have to post on here anon not got goggle account

Anonymous said...

update meeting with our M.p in june over all of thsis no reply from Nicky morgan so far

Anonymous said...

a reply Dear Mr Williams

Thank you for your email to the Secretary of State in relation to home education.

The government continues to respect the right of parents to educate their children at home, as an alternative to sending them to school. There is no intention of taking away that right.

As you say, local authorities may use safeguarding powers in relation to genuine concerns of that nature. The extent of local authority involvement in educational matters is more controversial; given the obligation of local authorities to identify children who may not be receiving suitable education, departmental guidance makes it clear that they can make reasonable enquiries of parents, and they have powers to enforce school attendance if a child is not receiving suitable education. Ultimately the matter would be decided by a court if still disputed. The department is aware of strong views on the issue of registration and monitoring and receives many representations on these matters.

Yours sincerely


Independent Education and Boarding Team


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