Monday, July 17, 2017

Blogs about the Home Education (Duty of Local Authorities) Bill

Will be updating as and when I hear of new blog posts about the bill. 

HE Byte cutting through the confusion surrounding the announcement of the Integrated Communities Strategy Green Paper.

An excellent response to the Integrated Communities Strategy Consultation.

This nails it: Home Education - A Democratic Right

For starters, a sensible perspective from Researching Reform.

Information about the Bill from edyourself

Essential reading from Sometime it's Peaceful

Not directly related, but debunking the "if you have nothing to hide" myth.

From the Badman era, but still relevant, from Uncharted Worlds

From Christians in Education

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Anonymous said...

Tell them about Peter no home vists no meeting with Hampshire LA dispite all they threats school attendance order served and challenged by us and Peter is now at warwick university studying for a Maths degree and he passed his Alevel maths and further Maths with A star