Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Very slow posting round here atm. Actually it is not for want of either wanting to, or for ideas, but rather the reverse: an intensity of wanting to find expression for a number of inter-related ideas that don't come (to me at least) easily packaged, coupled with a new shortness of time: children sleeping even less, the odd work day here and there, and more late nights. At some stage (probably in my dotage) I hope that (like my dear dad) I will get it all down somewhere, but till circumstances change ( I suddenly need less sleep, I stop having peculiarly riveting conversations, I stop feeling the recent need to pull ideas together in a properly argued sort of a way), this blog may be quieter than it has been.

Then again it mayn't! Put it on Bloglines then you won't feel cross with me when you've bothered to click and I am still caught up!

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