Thursday, June 15, 2006

Blogs Against Hitting Kids and/or for HSB Boycott

Below, a collection of the people I've come across so far who have expressed a strong opinion either generally against corporal punishment of children or specifically against the type of abuse as promoted by people such as Michael and Debi Pearl. For more information, see below * and/or click on the "I don't link to Homeschoolblogger" logo on the right here.

Please do let me know if I missed you or anyone else out.

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*From another article in the News and Observer :

"This is a sampling of Pearl's advice from "To Train Up a Child" and his newsletter, "No Greater Joy":

PROBLEM Baby bites during breast-feeding
SOLUTION Pull baby's hair

PROBLEM Boy is a crybaby
SOLUTION "When he begins to scream his defiance or hurt, just ignore him. ... If he demands attention to a supposed wound, then reach in your purse, pull out a terrible tasting herbal potion and give him a spoonful. After he gets through gagging on the vitamin and mineral supplement, tell him that he is now completely healed, and invite him to come back for another dose if he again gets hurt."

PROBLEM Rebellious child who runs from discipline
SOLUTION "If you have to sit on him to spank him, then do not hesitate. And hold him there until he has surrendered. Prove that you are bigger, tougher, more patiently enduring, and are unmoved by his wailing. Hold the resisting child in a helpless position for several minutes, or until he is totally surrendered. Accept no conditions for surrender -- no compromise. You are to rule over him as a benevolent sovereign. Your word is final."

PROBLEM Child whines to mother after father disciplines him
SOLUTION Mother must go over to child and "give him one or two licks on his exposed ankles or legs while commanding, 'Obey your father.' "

PROBLEM Child lies
SOLUTION Switch him 10 times at noon each day. Make him pick the tree branch.

PROBLEM What to use for a rod
SOLUTION For babies under age 1, a footlong willow branch shaved of its knots. For older kids, plastic plumbing pipe, a 3-foot shrub cutting or a belt to help turn a child "back from the road to hell."


Becky said...

Wonderful idea, Carlotta. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I've linked to it from Farm School.

Jenn said...

You can add me to the list...

Carlotta said...

Thanks, Jenn. Will do.

Almost Lazarus said...

Here are a few from my comments (however, this blogger is still supportive of HSB too)

I have a ton more, I have to go to bed

Almost Lazarus said...

This one counts for 3

Carlotta said...

Got 'em in. Thanks Doc.

Anonymous said...

You may add my friend Stephanie to your list.

Link to her 22/03/06 comment:


4 girls and 3 boys said...

YOu can add me to please

Frankie said...

I am loving watching this list grow! Great idea.

Carlotta said...

Great stuff...thanks to all.

Anne Basso said...

You can add me to the list:

Kixque said...

You can add me:

Almost Lazarus said...

Here's another

Carlotta said...

Great stuff...any more? Do let me know.

julie said...

I am joining the refugees, as well. I have posted my last post at HBS:

and will be blogging here now:

Thanks, Julie

mom2radata said...

I also left homeschoolblogger and will be boycotting from now on.

sparrow said...

You can add me to your list.

Almost Lazarus said...

Almost Lazarus said...


(I should have been making a list all along)

Almost Lazarus said...

Okay, I'm taking a break now! lol

Carlotta said...

Nooo..don't stop Doc! Seriously that's great...thanks.

Becky said...

Carlotta, for this week because the Carnival of Hs'ing is being hosted by a HSB blogger, I made my own little "homeschool country fair"; no official entries so far, except for one from Doc, just links to blog posts I thought would be interesting,

Anyway, I write not to flog my blog lol but because Laz (Doc) and I have just started discussing the possibility of a carnival alternative (see the comments to her most recent post), in her words: "an alternative carnival each week ...allowing the non HSB contributors to decide whether they want to mirror their posts to both sites - that doesn't exclude anyone from being in the carnival, and does allow those who don't want to link to HSB sites a reasonable alternative each week."

What do you think? You have the main list, and people are checking in here, so I thought one of your well-crafted posts to gauge interest might be worthwhile : )

Carlotta said...

Dear Becky,

That sounds like a startlingly sensible idea..given that had been torturing myself for several weeks now hovering over blogs in the Carnival wondering "HSB or not HSB?"...that being the question.

Will certainly sound this out here when have solved the interesting conundrum here of "Is this the hardboiled egg, mum, or was it this one...or this one.." errrrrr...(and have to admit, am very worried re the well crafted bit!)

Will check to see if you and Doc are doing the usual and providing inspiration.

Jo said...

What an awesome and inspiring list! Thank you for putting this together.

michele said...

You might want to take Reformed Chicks Blabbing off the list, we strongly disagree with hitting kids and we support the whole gentle discipline movement but we link to someone on homeschoolblogger.

DebraBaker said...

Count me in with the bloggers that are against the Pearls.

Debra Baker

DebraBaker said...

Count me in with the bloggers who are against the Pearls child abuse books.

Almost Lazarus said...

The entire thread on this message board includes A WHOLE BUNCH of people supportive of the boycott!

Dana said...

Gee, Doc, thanks. I wouldn't exactly say I'm supportive of HSB, but I have chosen at rhis point not to boycott.

A good virtual friend has made a similar decision for similar reasons...but it will take you to HSB.

Carlotta said...

Hi Michelle and Dana,

Thank you for letting me know of your concerns. I just wanted to check that you did indeed want to be removed from the list, particularly now that I have changed the title of the post to reflect more accurately what I then said in the and/or...

The list, it seems to me, contains many subtle shades of opinion, (though there is a common thread that all of them think beating children is wrong). Some, for example, believe this to be the case, but do not think that we should interfere in families directly. Others think that there should be legislation to prevent this type of behaviour in all countries of the world.

Some support a boycott by blogs of HSB, some are not so sure. I am more than happy to include the latter on the list where it is clear that they do not support the doctrine as put out by the Pearls, since I personally see this as the essence of the message.

If you would still prefer not to be on the list, do let me know and I would (sadly!) remove you!


Almost Lazarus said...

Almost Lazarus said...

The wording is "against hitting kids and/or". Not even all the original group were set against HSB. Dana, I can't imagine that HSB's "featured blogger of the week" wasn't supportive of HSB though. I mean, you certainly could have taken the opportunity to say you didn't agree with their advertising policy. Since you didn't - one can assume you are supportive of HSB. I appreciate that you've spoken out against punative discipline though.

Anonymous said...

You can add this site as well:

Thank you.

Ron R said...

Thanks for the time that goes into maintaining this list.

Anonymous said...

emily said...

I support this too.

Carlotta said...

Great stuff...thanks. Do let me know if you hear of any others. Am proud of the UK for our part in it.

Dana said...

OH, you don't have to take me off the list...I'm honored to be noted : ) I just think that for someone who has some small history with HSB, more is seved by staying than by leaving. I am very much against the teaching of the Pearls on so many levels as I have begun discussing.

I was actually just pointed out that while I am associated with HSB, I do not support them in this area.

And I didn't choose myself as blogger of the week...that was Spunky's last job before she resigned her post as independent contractor with TOS.

You can interpret what I have and haven't said however you wish.

Dana said...

I read your comment more carefully...just so you know, I do not support "hitting" kids, but I would strongly oppose legislation against spanking. I believe there are better ways to parent, but I also do not believe every swat is abuse. The trauma of being removed from the home is so far greater and it just is not an area where the state should intervene unless there is clear excess.

As to the Pearls, yes, I am against their teaching on so many levels I cannot begin to count them.

Anonymous said...

To make your post a sticky, simply edit the date (at the bottom of the posting screen, small arrow in lower left corner) to a date in the future, any date beyond today's date. As long as you keep the date forward, the post stays on top.

choosing gentleness said...

Please add me to the list!

Carlotta said...

Thank you for letting me know.

Dawn said...

Please add me:

I WAS Harmony School on HSB. Left for the same reason. Thanks for compiling this list and I'm working on posting my boycott image on my blog.

christinemm said...

Hey I fit this category! I am against hitting my kids.

I support the boycott even though I did blog that I don't think that they work. That is my cynical side. It doesn't mean I don't participate in boycotts (haven't used Nestle products for 8 years since I found out about the Nestle boycott).

I am going to a big Christian HS conference on Friday (2500 people attend) and was thinking of wearing a button about the boycott or saying something about my children being well parented and well behaved without physical pain infliction. I am trying to ponder what to write then will make up my own button to wear. Wish me luck. I hope I don't get switched by others just for wearing the pin.

christinemm said...

The Carnival has also been on my mind. I have no way of knowing if a submittor is on HSB or not until I click on the link.

I am hosting the CoH next week (week 18), BTW.

Carlotta said...

Good luck Christine and thank you for letting me know Harmony School. Anyone else out there? Do let me know. I haven't counted but there must be near a ton.

Will see you at the Carnival, Christine.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why boycotting Homeschool Blogger would accomplish anything--I think boycotting TOS, the new TOS store, and NGJ Ministries make the point more effectively.
I link to homeschool blogrolls that link to HomeschoolBlogger.
I also think that, based on what I have read so far, the Pearls are dangerous and evil people. I think it is sick and sadistic to get "joy" out of hitting your children with things that the Geneva Convention would outlaw hitting terrorist P.O.W.s with.
I have just now begun to blog on the subject, and will continue to do so, now that some things have gelled in my brain and others have been clarified by TOS.
So, does that qualify me to join your elite list? ;)

Carlotta said...

Certainly does in my book.

There has been a situation on UK HE lists recently where the discussion as to how to enact an HE campaign has almost engulfed any actual campaign at all...which could be a crying shame.

As long as one objects to child beating, (whether or not you join the HSB boycott), that is good enough for me.

Almost Lazarus said...

Karen, the issue with HSB is that the publisher of TOS also owns HSB and uses HSB as a platform to both promote TOS AND the Pearls. There are banner ads all over HSB for TOS. TOS gives out free copies of "No Greater Joy" with subscriptions to TOS. In addition, Gena Suarez made quite an ignorant statement to the press when initially interviewed by reporters covering the story of Sean Paddock. She has yet to apologize for her statement, saying only "it was taken out of context". Believe me, it wouldn't matter what context the statement was made in - it was horrible. Can we also count how bloggers at HSB overwhelmingly support the Suarez's and the Pearls simply by association?

June said...

I'm just back to blogging after a bit of a 'rest' as they would say in the acting profession ;o) Have just added the Boycott logo to my blog, thanks for that.

Almost Lazarus said...

Another joiner - better late than never!

mull-berry said...

Please add me to your list. Thank you.

Carlotta said...

Great stuff June and Jelly Donut. Thanks and sorry for the delay in posting you up.

mull-berry said...

I've been "late" twice before and good things came of it! Har har ...

jayfromcleveland said...

You folks might also notice that TOS includes advertising from about 150 different organizations, Christian and otherwise, including secular companies such as Saxon Math. So why don't you people boycott all 150 advertisers?

I don't know beans about these Pearls, but I do know Paul and Gena and they are wonderful people. You people are clueless for painting them with this broad brush. As for spanking, it's legal in most places, including my own state. And some people are Christians, whether you liberals can deal with it or not. It's still a free country last time I checkec. So why don't you people just accept reality and get over yourselves already?

Carlotta said...

Absolutely a free country...that is why we may freely object to those who share platforms with and allow advertising from people who promote the beating of seven month old babies and unequal spousal relationships.

Anonymous said...

Just because something is legal doesn't make it morally right, and it is certainly worth using one's freedom of speech to point out such injustices.

And it is clueless to think that freedom from violence means 'freedom for all except children'.


Anonymous said...

Why aren't you taking this up with The Pearls??

Carlotta said...

Personality disorders are very intractable.

Joanne said...

Please add us to your list. I adopted my three children after they had spent years in an abusive home.

A Day in Our Lives

Carlotta said...

Joanne, wonderful to hear that they are having such a good time now. Loved your recent list of activities.

Carlotta said...

105 so far, and counting.

Schuyler said...

Don't support them. May have helped in getting the This Old Schoolhouse bounced from Newcastle on their UK tour as well. So, you can add Warts and All to your list, if you want.


Carlotta said...

Thanks for the link, Schuyler...would love to know more about the Newcastle date!?

Janet said...

You can definitely add me. Left HSB sometime ago because they didn't like my dd's piercings and music choices. I'm here ...

Carlotta said...

Music choices and piercings! lol...ah well, you are very, very welcome here...even if you listen to Crazy Frog!

Schuyler said...

Sorry I didn't respond ages ago, just came back today. The Newcastle date was organised by a woman who happened to be on a couple of yahoo home-ed lists in and around the Newcastle area. After initial pressure from the secular side of the local homeschoolers (my dh was blunt and rude) the more religious folk joined in the clamor which in the end got the date dropped. I posted a bunch of the dialogs at my blog, if you want the details (I seem to recall being a bit catty (BWG)).


beth said...

You may add me to the list.
I'd posted about the Pearls last Sept. concerning their twisted views towards abusive marriages and divorce here: