Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Fabric of Home Education

The New Scientist has redeemed itself in my eyes this week, since it has just published a typically lucid and hugely meaningful short interview with quantum physicist David Deutsch.

The reason why I was bearing a grudge: about a month ago, the NS published what seemed to me to be a rather biased account of home-schooling in the US, which generally left one with the overall impression that the huge majority of home schoolers there are fundy creationists.

By way of a sharp contrast, David Deutsch's theories on respectful parenting of children often result in the family opting for home education and very few of these families aren't also mindful of the need to take reality seriously. Shame the New Scientist didn't get this message across explicitly, though there is a facility to ask a question of David, via: , with answers to the best questions to appear here. Might be worth trying to get this point across? Home educators can access the very best seeming epistemology!


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Anonymous said...

Interesting interview but for a moment I thought it was on his theories on respectful parenting of children. Multiverse theory doesn't compute at all for me, but perhaps I'm just not bothered. Quantum computers will be available in a decade, but question is, can I afford one? :)

One thing that bothers me (am I bothered LOL) is that parents that are not very intellectual would benefit from better parenting ideas. So we need to find a way to spread them some other way than DD's interviews, know what I mean?

I can't spell epistemology, much less say it, I have to copy paste and I am still confused over what it means exactly.

DD's idea that he doesn't seek to discover new ideas, just goes on understanding the old ones and solving their problem, is good. I wish I had realised that sooner. I was always obsessed with originality when I was young and was really pissed when people compared me to Bilal. It made me stop want to draw. I am still getting over it. I might never.

And I'm rambling again. *wonders off whistling*