Friday, December 01, 2006

Gloucestershire Local Authority Website

This strikes me as an interesting conundrum. Most home educators in the area, (even those who are completely autonomous), report having very few significant problems with the LA, yet the Gloucestershire website is riddled with requirements that are essentially ultra vires and which, amongst other glaring errors, gives a misleading impression of the necessity for home visits.

What to do, I wonder? Any suggestions welcome.


Fiona M said...

I've been hearing some interesting stuff about Gloustershire myself recently. I can't be sure of what I'm about to type because I've been reading up on tons of HE stuff lately and am starting to get confused BUT I think I read that most HEers in Glouster have yearly visits etc and are either happy to have them or believe they are compulsary. Then there are a a couple of families refusing the visits and getting a whole lot of trouble. Anyone who knows more feel free to jump in.

Carlotta said...

Thanks F. Quite a few of the HEors I know in Glos are unknown to the LA, so am having some problems finding out what the situation is really like.

Someone who did have problems with Glos LA seemingly did have some issues that hadn't been resolved by contact with other HEors...but I don't know of anyone else who is having problems with the LA. Will try to find out more.