Saturday, October 20, 2007

Problems with Truancy Patrols

A truancy officer in Gloucestershire returned a home educated child to her house. Full facts unknown at this point, but the debate in the comments is worth following for an airing of the issues involved. Read from the bottom up.


Fiona said... September 2007 DCSF/Home Office Guidance on Truancy Sweeps page 5
"Police and police community support officers [..] do not have the power to remove children who are educated outside the school system."

I don't understand the part about removing the home ed girl. Presumably the family have made an official complaint ?


Carlotta said...

Trying to find out. No response on Glos list yet.

Anonymous said...

How can't people see these truancy patrols as the awful tyranical prejudice against children it is?

If kids are caught in the act of vandalising stuff and bothering people, yes, stop them and take them back home. But to treat all as criminals because they don't go to school?

Do they really think if they keep kids at school unwillingly they'll eventually learn to be good citizens?