Sunday, April 20, 2008

Early Reading is Not Necesssary

...and could be damaging. So says Dr Katz in an article from the Beeb that I must have missed at the time. We have seen the evidence for Dr Katz's case many times over in the home education community. Late readers = competent, motivated readers.

The problem for most parents: what choice do they actually have if they don't either home educate or send their child to a Steiner school, the second option being potentially problematic in that Steiner teachers insist that a child shouldn't read before the age of 7. Some children want to.

Yep, the only real options lie with home education.

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Anonymous said...

What peculiar reasoning!

The government sounds to me like a parent who has made a BIG mistake in bringing up his children and doesn't like to admit it because then would have to face the fact that has poured a lot of effort into the wrong thing! So finds pouring bad after good a better solution than facing up to looking foolish. So sad.