Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Home Educator's Perspective

From the Children's Commissioner's new website:

"The Children’s Commissioner for England , Sir Al Aynsley-Green, has launched a new interactive website to gather the views and opinions of children and young people. The views posted on the new site will shape the priorities for 11 MILLION, and help the organisation to influence government decisions about children and young people’s lives. "

It might be very useful to offer up the often creative and unusual perspectives views of HEks since they've bought the T-shirts, been there, done that and know that the alternatives can work. Anyone under 18 can have their say. The section entitled Learning and Play might be particularly relevant. Questions like "how would you improve schools" are for the taking. (Our household produced a number of answers to this which ranged from the "make them voluntary" and "turn them into resource centres where people of all ages can pursue their interests and learn what they need to learn," to the" shut 'em down now" variety).

HT: JB. Thanks!

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