Thursday, June 05, 2008

1,616 % Increase in HE

It's likely that we will see many more examples of this sort of story in the next few months and years as the children's database, aka ContactPoint, comes on board as a result of which every home educator in the land will supposedly become known to the authorties. However, the expansion of most HE groups would suggest that the increase in the numbers of home educators does exist for real, even if it isn't as staggering as this article maintains.


Merry said...

Well, whatever else i was expecting, it wasn't a link to my local paper and people i know!

ruth said...

The percentage doesn't look anywhere near so staggering if you make it per year rather than over the last 10 years. 96 last year to 103 this year, just 7 more children, the year before that they only added 3. Of course these are the ones the LA knows about and we all know that's not the whole picture :)

The city council guy pretending to be confused about why parents would HE was almost funny. "It may be they feel they can do a better job" YA THINK?!