Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wii Fit

...is worth every penny. Daryl agrees.


Sam said...

De-lurking :-)
It's funny, as I was just speaking to my mum about this. She hates aerobics and "getting fit", but her Wii Fit "age" is now 37! (She's over 60). She loves it.

Lisa G said...

Oh I was wondering if anyone I knew had it and could give me a review, I may well go out and purchase a copy!

Denise said...

How dare you find one lol

Carlotta said...

"her Wii Fit "age" is now 37! (She's over 60)".

Wow...that's seriously good!

Leo said...

My benefits are not enough to pay for one. My child is underprivileged because of the government. Start a petition!

(I'm joking. Don't.)