Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More on the New Consultation

EO think it's bad news as well. They write:

"We are currently working on a detailed walkthrough but in the meantime we urge everyone to read the new consultation documents, new guidance, and the preview of the consultation questions and to send feedback and comments to EO's Government Policy Group."

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Aogos said...

Thankyou for sourcing this information, it made an interesting read to say the least.

The way I understand it, the freedom of information across public services now means the LEA can source data from doctors, inland revenue, firemen etc. Consequently, rather than waiting for a member of the public to report 'home ed' in progress, they will 'deduce' who isnt school educated and work from there. In essence, it isn't going to take long to track down whose not in school.

For my family, it's ruined some of the great pleasure of educating our children at home. We now little choice but to quantify/record everything 'home edy' ready for the inevitable knock at the door.