Monday, October 20, 2008

Home Education Community Vigilant and Informed

Of particular relevance to home educators right now, (and to all families if only they knew it - given the threat to the principle of parental responsibility that we see neatly tucked away in the proposed guidance for "Identifying Children Missing from Education"), from the Campaign for Liberty:

"An educated public is an essential ingredient of a free society. Ambitious governments would have far greater difficulty implementing schemes that undermine liberty and prosperity were they faced with an informed and vigilant population.

In that spirit, we have assembled these resources to help you learn more about some of the pressing issues of our time. The resources you'll find here include books (many of which we link to in free online versions) and articles, as well as audio and video available online and for free download. We receive many requests from people wondering what they should read to learn more about free societies. These resources, to which we intend to add periodically, will go a long way toward satisfying this demand.

For resources specifically addressing the current economic crisis, we recommend The Bailout Reader, an excellent and informative collection.

With some 600 responses to the Consultation on Identifying Children Missing a Suitable Education, it looks as if the home education community already fits the description of being vigilant and informed, but a little more reading never goes amiss, at least around here!

Of course, we only have until this Friday (October 24th) 17.00 hours to file our responses, so if you haven't done so already, and need a quick way to do it, follow this link.

HT for Campaign for Liberty: Sonnier Tribe Mama

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Amanda Goldston said...

I am very glad that so many home-educating families have expressed their opposition to this flagrant attempt to take away our rights to home educate our children.

I think it is essential to mobilise more of those families, especially those that see no danger in the EU Lisbon Treaty, that is due to come into force in 2009.

When families educate their children at home and teach those children to question things and to think for themselves, that has got to be the biggest thorn in the side imaginable for governments who want to rule over sheeple!

To everyone who has already objected to the Children Missing Education Guidance, well done, I applaud you.

If you have not yet replied, please make your voice heard before Friday 24th October.

It does not matter if you don't fill out the unwieldy, poorly written response document. Just write an email saying, "No, I object to this nonsense!"

Amanda Goldston