Thursday, October 30, 2008

Integrated Children's System

..aka the database for social work cases has already been dubbed not "fit for purpose". Now it is becoming evident that the judiciary agree.

Presumably this won't stop the DCSF from ploughing on with ContactPoint, which will either be accurate but incredibly costly to maintain with the pernickety data input that it will require, or somewhat cheaper but riddled with misinformation.


Ruth said...

Incredibly costly to maintain AND riddled with misinformation.

Anonymous said...

There is a more interesting FOI request than the University of York report. There is apparently an independent academic review of the York report that brands the report itself as shoddy and not fit for purpose.

Carlotta said...

Is there any chance of seeing this, I wonder?

Am I right in thinking that the FOI says that the York report was overly optimistic about ICS functionality?

Anonymous said...

Carlotta, it was the York Report that the govt refused to publish - it said that the ICS "has yet to demonstrate how it is fit for purpose".

Anonymous, could you provide a link, reference or at least the name of one of the academics involved, please? I'm aware that the govt effectively branded the report shoddy, which is only to be expected, but all my enquiries of social policy academics have so far drawn a blank when it comes to any review of the kind you mention. Indeed, the York report appears to have attracted a great deal of respect.