Friday, February 20, 2009

EO's Response

can be linked to through Freedom for Children to Grow Website.


Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed with their response to the question about Montiring Home Education. What a waste!

Dani said...

That link doesn't work for me, Carlotta.

I read the response somewhere else and thought it was pretty good. I think it's a pretty accurate reflection of the mood in the HE world regarding this review.

I also think it probably doesn't matter much what any of us say in response to the specific questions. They are trick questions, designed to lead us into saying something that can be twisted and used against us. EO were probably just trying to minimise that danger.

Of course, it is important that so many of us have responded (1800 was the last number I saw on a list), as that will certainly give them pause for thought before introducing anything too onerous in the way of spurious requirements we might be prepared to resist.

Carlotta said...

ah sorry, Dani. It does work from my end, and don't know what to do to improve it.

Enj said...

The link is not working.

Carlotta said... really not sure why not. Have tried fiddling with it and it is working from here...someone help!

Merry said...

Is it stored on a group that some of us don't have access to? Or have you inadvertently linked to your mail box or desktop?

How funny is it that the spam monitor word below my typing is "beests".... ;)

Carlotta said...

Ah OK...and just seen that it is up on the Freedom to Grow site, so have linked through that instead!