Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The School System in Melt Down?

First we hear that 80% of teens think schooling is boring and irrelevant. Next we hear that as many as 25,000 teenagers disappear from school rolls in England when they are 14.

You would have thought the government would have been more prepared to listen to home educators, who know a thing or two about what to do to help a child who doesn't fit in with the school system! Instead, the government instigates a review, which looks as if it would far rather impose a school model upon home educators. Just how stupid would that be, one can't help thinking!


Anonymous said...

I think I'm right in saying that totalitarian regimes, even when they are crumbling, spare no effort in tracking down and persecuting dissidents.

As home educators we are educational dissidents.

They distrust and dislike us because we delegitimise them. As it becomes harder and harder to make coercive education 'work', I think we can expect them to become more and more dangerous.

Eventually some kind of crisis will be reached.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. This behaviour is no better than abusive - and of course abusers fear the growing freedom of their victims and clamp down when they sense that they are becoming strong.

We really need to urge all parents with schooled children to sue the government for failing them on the five outcomes:

to be healthy; stay safe; enjoy and achieve; make a positive contribution; achieve economic wellbeing

If a child is perhaps achieving he might be unhealthily overweight or unfit. Very few are safe....and so on. Virtually no child achieves those five outcomes in school. SUE THE GOVERNMENT they are failing your children!

Also abusers love the tactic of accusing their victims of behaving they way they in fact do themselves.