Saturday, August 01, 2009

Children and Young People Now

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"Home educated children challenge Badman review
By Dominique Brady

30 July 2009

Home educated children have set up their own youth council to challenge the recent findings of Graham Badman's review into home education.

The Home Educated Youth Council (HEYC) has been formed by young people who felt their opinions had not been heard during the review.

Badman's independent review recommended registration for home educators and greater monitoring of their teaching methods. It also suggested local authorities should have the right to speak to each child without the presence of their parents, if deemed appropriate.

The Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) is now proposing arrangements for the registration and monitoring of home educated children. It launched a consultation on 11 June, which will end on 19 October.

HEYC members wish to speak to DCSF officials without their parents present to put their own, independent views across. They have arranged a meeting for 12 August.

Chloe Watson, HEYC chair said: "The DCSF have a duty in law to listen to children's opinions on matters which concern them, yet no effort has been made to secure a representative opinion from home educated children in this consultation. Those children who have been consulted have often been dismissed as being a mouthpiece for their parents."

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