Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dani's Follow-Up Letter

Apologies for the unanticipated cessation of activity here. Despite best intentions, a couple of laptops and sundry Iphones, we couldn't get a reliable internet connection on that rather remote and extremely beautiful Portuguese hillside. Even the local internet cafe had a "sorry - no connection" sign posted on the door.

Actually though, it was useful to have a break as it gave me a chance to process it all. It might have been the Casal Mendes, and I will need to think more level-headedly about the epiphanies on the hillside and expose them to some more rigorous criticism on lists, but I do think I have got a better picture of what to do next in response to the Badman review - more of which later but in the meantime, should you have missed it, there is an excellent letter from Dani here.


Anonymous said...

Good to have you back on line, as otherwise I don't really know what is going on! The letter you link to is excellent.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carlotta,

Sometimes it's good to step back and think about what is going on. It would be a great plan for government vassals to follow as well. Otherwise they may find themselves incurring millions of pounds of unwarranted expense over home education for no reason.

Glad you had time to kick back and enjoy Portugal. Nice to see you back.

(New entry - Helpful comments from 'Just Law')

Robert J. Moeller said...

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