Thursday, June 17, 2010

News from Ofsted the Independent.

UPDATE: The Ofsted report itself and EO's Response.


Anonymous said...

The staff and the education dep will use this to start to work on M.Gove tory party to get new laws over home education! will he be strong enough not to give in? i think they keep on at him till he gives in!

Anonymous said...

The last bit looks a bit worrying about strong views expressed by local Authorthy' this is what Badman was geting at?

The Ofsted report confirms that most parents who educate their children at home do a very good job, some of them picking up the pieces where children have had problems at school.

"We note Ofsted's findings and recommendations and ministers will shortly be considering if changes need to be made to the existing arrangements, given the strong views expressed by both home educators and local authorities."

Anonymous said...

this is in Ofsted report to

The legislation and guidance do not give the child the right to speak to an adult outside the family about their experiences of their education, whether positive or negative, if the parent does not wish this to happen.

Anonymous said...

this is in report to

Other parents, however, said they felt they had nothing to hide and welcomed consultants and officers in their home.