Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Education Committee announces new inquiry into Support for Home Education

Just in case it passed anyone by, here's the link. So here we go again, if on a slightly different tack this time.


Anonymous said...

is there any point in writing in to those same civil servants who supported Graham Badman?

Carlotta said...

Good question. I think we should just be sending a few reminders along the following lines:

The govt must understand that support is not a synonym for control, and that if control of a child's education is wrested from parents, (this time under the guise of state 'support',) responsibility for educational failure will fall to state, not, as it does currently, to parents, and when it does so parents and children will be rightfully aggrieved and will sue.

Anonymous said...

to me it just writing to the same old civil servants who supported Graham Badman, I write again or email the govt but i doubt there take much notice of me! your blog is very good i often read it!