Thursday, September 20, 2012

Welsh Consultation on Home Education.

OK, so copied below, in their full awfulness, are the Welsh consultation questions, which can be linked to here.   To be parsed in next blog post, asap.

(Keep scrolling down until you have got past question 8.  Apologies,  I can't be bothered to fiddle with the HTML to make everything more compressed. )


Welsh Consultation on Home Education.

The Welsh Government needs to know which children in Wales are educated at home and what they are learning.

To do this, we need to need to change the way we do things.

To give your views on our proposals, please fill out this response form.

This plain English response form is for home educating parents or home educated children.

You can post your response form to:  

Pupil Wellbeing Branch
Department for Education and Skills
Welsh Government
Cathays Park
CF10 3NQ

or complete it online and send it to
(Please enter Elective Home Education Consultation in the subject line of the

Your name:                  
Your e-mail:                  

Your telephone number:         

Your address:              

Are you:

a home educated child/young person?                                                           

a home educating parent?                                                        

someone else?                                                                    

What you tell us may be made public on the internet or in a report.

If you DO NOT want your comments to be made                 
public, please tick this box.

Educating children at home

The Welsh Government wants children who are home educated to be on a register.

We want to ask parents and children about their home education every year.

Please answer the following eight questions and tell us what you think. If you have any further comments please use the comment boxes and add separate sheets if you wish.

Question 1: Home education register
Do you agree with our proposal that requires children educated at home to be included on a register?

Agree                                        Disagree                                 Not sure    



Question 2: Failure to register
If the parent fails to register their child, does not give all the information we ask for or gives false information, should their child have to go to school?

Agree                                        Disagree                                 Not sure  


Question 3: Working together
Do you agree that parents should work with their local authority to make sure home education is meeting their child’s needs?

Agree                                        Disagree                                 Not sure        





Question 4: First meeting
Do you agree that the first meeting to join the register should take place where the child is going to be home educated?

Agree                            Disagree                     Not sure    



Question 5: Annual review – place of meeting
Parents, the child and local authority staff will meet once a year, to talk about the child’s development.

How often should this annual meeting happen at the place where the child is being home educated?


Sometimes                                    Please suggest below how often (for example every two years, three years, four years and so on)                                             


Not sure                                




Question 6: Refusing registration
Should parents be refused registration or have their registration overturned, if:

·         the education offered does not meet the child’s needs, or puts the welfare or the safety of the child at risk?
·         parents will not let the local authority check that the child’s education is suitable?

Agree                            Disagree                                 Not sure    



Question 7: Notice of registration
Parents should be told within 12 weeks whether they can educate their child at home.

Agree                            Disagree                                 Not sure     


Question 8 – Any other comments.

Question 8: Are there any other comments you would like to make?


Responses to consultations may be made public – on the internet or in a report. If you would prefer your response to be kept confidential, please tick here:

Thank you for giving your views.

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