Friday, September 28, 2012

Welsh Government seeking the views of HE children and young people.

From the Welsh Government:

"The Welsh Government believe the current legislation surrounding elective home education has shortcomings because there is no legal requirement on the parent to tell a local authority that a child is receiving education at home. Without this requirement, it is very difficult for local authorities to carry out their duties to ensure that all compulsory school age children in their area are receiving a suitable education. 

For these reasons we are proposing the introduction of a registration and monitoring scheme for home educated children. We want the scheme to promote a more supportive and constructive relationship between all home educating families and local authorities, with them working together to ensure children receive a suitable education.

A consultation seeking views on the proposals is currently open and responses are requested by 23 November 2012. 

In addition, a small number of facilitated events aimed at seeking the views of children and young people will be held on:

18 October 2012 10:30 at Royal Welsh Showground, Powys
26 October 2012 10:30 at All Nations Centre, Cardiff
30 October 2012 10:30 at Conwy Business Centre, Conwy
These events are also open to adults. Each event will last approximately two hour with light refreshments available on arrival.

To book a place at one of the events please email:  "

Meanwhile, from Home Education UK, a list of documents that may be useful when responding to the Welsh consultation. 


Fiona Nicholson said...

Interested to hear in your view on the documents linked from HE-UK.

Carlotta said...

Will check it out more fully asap...but just as an aside, I feel the urge to send sincere apologies to any passing reader who happens to be irritated by the profuseness of garbled explanations that appear here at the moment.

The arguments are all perfectly crystal clear in my head in those quiet moments in the car when it is quite impossible to write them down, but I get home and step out the vehicle with the trepidation of reprobate speeder caught by a cop, and true to form, prefrontal cortex meltdown ensues within a couple of minutes.

This morning, I tried to rewrite a previous post whilst being asked to critique a musical score, which amongst other things, required that one employ the hearing of a low-note-registering bat, explain about what a fusiform gyrus does whilst cuddling a distressed guinea pig, taking a phone call and all the while, trying to plan to pick up the other PC from a town 15 miles away and burning lunch. pre-frontal cortex malfunction is the only way to describe this totally normal experience.

Fiona Nicholson said...

Channelling Theo here: BUT IS THE GUINEA PIG OK NOW?

(Incidentally I'm wondering if anyone else has as much trouble as I do proving not a robot)

Carlotta said...

Aw fairly reliably informed that guinea pig has recovered from his shampoo and set, though, tbh, I suspect he would still prefer to be a bit more of a hippy.

And as to your question F, I must admit that I am yet to be convinced in your case!!