Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Report on Home Education from Education Select Committee

....published today, concludes: 

"58. We share the view of our witnesses—home educators and those from central and local Government— that a parent clearly has, and should have, the right to home educate their child(ren) if they so wish. We note that a significant body of evidence to our inquiry makes clear that many parties, on both sides, have made real efforts to engage, to understand each other's motivations and constraints, and to ensure more constructive relationships and better support.
59. At the same time, though, we acknowledge that there is clearly some way to go, particularly in terms of raising the quality and consistency of support, and ensuring that all local authorities are compliant with Government guidance. We hope to see improvements concerning the wide variety of practice and performance across local authorities, which we do not consider acceptable, and we look forward to seeing the development of local offers of support, a national association to share best practice and professionalise home education officers further, increased Government monitoring of local authorities, and other mechanisms to ensure a more consistent approach to home education across the country."
Yep, that all makes very good sense.  
The Guardian has this take on the report.

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