Saturday, December 08, 2012

The Secret of Education....whatever works!

Autonomous home educators have been saying it for years, but it seems the rest of the education system may finally be catching up.  The secret to successful education is to respond creatively to the interests and needs of the individual child.

Ofsted have given Springfields School an outstanding rating, and this probably because they simply had to.  The results have been superb.
And all because the headmaster is prepared to seek the spark and be creative in response to need.  
On this BBC documentary, he even says words to this precise effect:
"The future of education lies outside the classroom".

OK, so not every child will change their entire future playing football at altitude with dust and mossies at 30 degrees C, but for some,

 it is a godsend.

If the spark can be sought for all manner of different learners (and not just those who would benefit from the sort of learning the army offers), then who knows where we could end up! 

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