Monday, January 05, 2015

Association of Elective Home Education Professionals

There is news of a new association of LA officials who claim to be the professionals in this situation:

 "To Stephen Bishop DfE from Jenny Dodd Staffordshire cc Tracey Shield DfE November 24th 2014

"...The national association is in it's (sic) infancy and will be known as Association of Elective Home Education Professionals (AEHEP). We are planning to hold a launch on Thursday 26th February from 1.00 to 3.00pm at Westminster and hope that you both can join us to discuss DfE view and take some questions from the floor? I'll send information about the association so that you can be kept in the loop
Link via this page"

The List of speakers for the launch of the National Body for Home Education Professionals on February 26th:

Graham Stuart;
Lord Lucas;
Nick Gibb (to be confirmed);
Barry Sheerman (to be confirmed);
Daniel Monk;
Stephen Bishop;
Members of the AEHEP committee, including Jenny Dodd (Chair), Dave Harvey (Vice Chair).

More on what some of the members (such as Jenny Dodd, member of the West Midlands EHE Forum) think is wrong with the Elective Home Education Legal Guidelines to come in a short while. 

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Fiona Nicholson said...

I posted a report of the AEHEP launch event here