Saturday, January 31, 2015

Just how many times is Daniel Monk mistaken?

It's hard to count exactly, but Daniel Monk gets it wrong A LOT. And the reasons why this matters? He is providing training to a number of Local Authorities and the AEHEP, and will be seriously misinforming them about the law and in the process will be encouraging them to commit ultra vires acts.  Some of these ultra vires acts will have far-reaching consequences not just for home educators but also for local authorities themselves, since a lot of what he proposes will cause children to fail to receive an education suited to their age, ability and aptitude, and IF the LA dictates that this is the form of education a child should receive, THEY will be held responsible when it fails.

His work needed a serious fisking and luckily this has been already been done quite superbly by Fiona N here.


Anonymous said...

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Dolphinwitch said...

It is a huge worry and, as a Home Educator, I am very grateful to folk like Fiona N who work tirelessly to ensure we are made aware of actions like those of Mr Monk.

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