Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Home Schooling Blog Awards

Nominations now needed for the various categories in Spunky's Homeschooling Bloggers Awards. Could be a chance to put more UK home ed blogs on the map?

The categories:

Best Homeschooling Mom Blog
Best Homeschooling Dad Blog
Best Homeschooling Family blog
Best Homeschooling Teen blog
Best Informational Homeschool blog
Best Inspirational Homeschool blog
Best Homeschooling Humor blog
Best Team / Group Homeschool Blog
Best Homeschool Curriculum / Business Blog
Best Homeschool Blog Design
Best Canadian Homeschool Blog
Best International Homeschool Blog
Best Current Events Homeschool Blog
Best Homeschool Arts Blog
Best Homeschool Photo Blog


Clare said...

Do you think one can nominate UK blogs for any category, or just for the international one? I have been looking at the nominations just now, and you're nominated already :-)


Spunky said...

Absolutely, they can be nominated in all categories. I just made a specific international category to pick the best outside of the US. But all categories are open to all nations.

Anonymous said...

I know homeschooling in the US is a whole different thing, but the whole point for me is to be against school and all it represents, including the award system it trains people to accept.

Carlotta said...

Hi Leo,

I think competition and award systems are only coercive if people experience these as such. Sometimes they are just fun, and failure can be experienced very positively.

I never, ever, ever once won in any sporting competition within my family. They were all SO much better than I was. But I never resented it. I loved the fact that they were good and admired their skills and freely chose to compete with them.

Given that these awards are pretty much voluntary, and I imagine that if you felt that you didn't want to compete, you could get your nomination withdrawn, I think that they could be just a bit of fun and could be very useful in pointing the way to other interesting reads.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carlotta,
You make sense. I guess I am too damaged to appreciatte those things healthily anymore.