Friday, November 25, 2005

Remembrance of Blogs Past

Despite the fact that Brian was convinced his blog was dull and his readers a trashy set of pajama people, I still mourn the passing of Brian's Education Blog . I also disagree with his assessment that he writes better for Samizdata. He was far less self-conscious here and it shows.

And although home educators are quite likely to be pajama people in some senses, (ie: not besuited), it's impossible to get too upset with him, since he also wrote:

"... any government which took on the home-schoolers of Britain would have got itself the Political Enemies from Hell. Think of all those terrifyingly bright children who'd overrun morning television. Consider the fact that many home-schoolers have considerable demonstrating experience. I may not hold with their political views about war, peace, etc., but these people do know how to lay on a good demo and to mobilise the media. And they must be, almost by definition, among the most intellectually self-confident people around."

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