Thursday, November 03, 2005

Painfully Out of Tune with Reality

Could this conceivably be an accurate satirical take on a Canadian home-schooler?

A CTV programme to be aired in the New Year features home-schooling heroine:

"Alice, who is painfully out of tune with reality
after years of her parent's sheltering, homeschooling
and encouragement of creativity - which resulted in her
believing, uncorrected, that she was a hobbit as a child,"

OK so there may be one or two Canadian home-schoolers who don't put themselves out to help their children see the world the way it really is, but I've yet to come across them. The ones I have met are sassy and often secular. Just for the record, without a shadow of doubt, this character would be a very poor caricature of HEors in the UK.

All in all, it seems as if it is the writers and producers of this show who are actually the ones who are painfully out of tune with reality.

HT: Daryl


Ron R said...

Definitely not representative of most of the Canadian HSers we know.

Carlotta said...

Phew and thanks! Didn't think so, but my sample was small.