Sunday, July 23, 2006

Home Education in France - Not a Real Option

This person, a dear friend of yore, now routinely playing lyrical love songs to big crowds in France and recently at the Hammersmith Apollo, wanted to home educate his son in France but reports that it just isn't on: too little HE activity and support, too much having to report yourself to the mayor and get his permission, too many unavoidable state exams etc. Hardly worth it, it seems.

Looks like the liberte (can't find the accents) side of things got rather subsumed by the inclination for egalite. Shame on France.

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Lady Liberty said...

It is a shame. Sometimes jumping through hoops is better than nothing at all. But each person has to make there own call.
I would love to hear more from the French front. What about Italy? I hear they are sure how to handle HEers.