Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday Times on Home Education

There's no need to rush out and buy's all here online at the Sunday Times, a pretty accurate portrayal of Home Education in the UK today. So interested to read about Lesley's son. I had no idea he had spent those lazy days staring at the ceiling!


Jax said...

I thought it was still rather a poor article, ridden through with lea and journalistic prejudices! I've been trying to find a contact email for the sunday times to write and correct a few points.

Jax said...

ooh, new blogger commenting toys!

Carlotta said...

Hi Jax,

On second reading, I see what you mean. I spose my expectations are now so low that any article that dares to say anything that is not utterly formulaic, or deeply prejudiced gets an inflated grade!

I think I missed the blogger commenting toys...has it gone back to normal again?

Anonymous said...

I agree there were plenty of prejudices and not just journalist prejudices such as the implication that TV and computers were some how 'bad' and that home ed worked because the kids didn't have them. However, on the whole it was nevertheless much more positive than usual - so was very pleased to see it!