Monday, July 10, 2006

ID Cards on the Rocks

It looks as if the wise people from the LSE are going to be proved completely right on the matter of ID cards. Let's hope government starts to listen to them on the other little matter of the £224 million children's database.


Jax said...

yet another example in the news this weekend of how a database won't help:

baby was known to multiple agencies, and yet still died of abuse at the hands of utterly ignorant parents. How would a database have helped her? It wouldn't. But one or more professionals taking responsibility and making a decision might have.

4 girls and 3 boys said...

That is my one remaining hope that they can't do it cos it costs too much both to implement and run.

Carlotta said...

Yup, costs and incompetency of the system are the main reasons to hope that this monstrously expensive dud will not come off.

The problem is not one of needing to trace children. It is one of predicting which child is actually going to be abused and which one can be safely left. A database can't solve this problem.