Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The CAF - Why We Should be Scared

Here's Spy Blog detailing some of the problems (technological and otherwise) with one of the most sensitive areas in the children's database fiasco. The list is long enough already, and that's without touching upon such major issues as whether lives so micro-managed can possibly be considered free.


Georgia said...

this is so shocking that if I had a child at school now I would withdraw them over this issue alone

mel@arch said...

Hi georgia
If only HE was an escape from it...but it isn't, under the over-riding principles contained within "every child matters" it applies to all children.
You can view the CAF assessment doc at

Bear in mind this is going to be filled in by someone briefed and "trained" to look at this from the ECM inclusiveness agenda.

The ARCH database masterclass at:

is also essential reading.


mel@arch said...

Sorry, blogger got my link and ate it, click here