Friday, August 18, 2006

Performance Enhancing?

It is the case that most of us discover just how insightful and generally all round brilliant we really are after a couple of glasses of something or other. And yes, it turns out to be completely true...for yesterday night, in the interests of science, and after about four units of red wine, I increased my score on Big Brain Academy by a whopping three whole notches - which may not be good news for my liver, since the next day, I was back to my previous sober best.

Perhaps this is why I find the news from Future Pundit that human brain cells can replictate in culture so very inspiring. Brain cells or liver cells, either would be good enough for me.


Mike said...

Apparantly the research comes from the University of Florida. If they can replicate brain cells why can't they put them into the brains of telephone support people out here.

One would do.

OK, maybe two......No one would be fine.

Carlotta said...

Ah...I think I know the problem. We must have outbid you for our LEA and planning officers, passport people, Child Support Agency bods, NHS managers and all those e-gov commissioners.

Hmmm...there's a common theme here, I think.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried homeopathic growth hormone oral spray? It's legal for over the counter sales and is very gentle on the system.