Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Down Side

Ouch, Owwww...ow and general twisting and turning and moither. This is definitely one of the downsides of Home Education!

The problem is you have the opportunity to fall in love with other HE people and their families. You spend so much time with them. Your kids love their kids. You learn so much from them. You get to know them so well. You're in and out of their lives and homes. It becomes a part of one's own life. Then sometimes, for very good reason, they have to go.

You twist and turn. The move would be great for them. It is the right thing, clearly. It would solve problems that could not otherwise easily be solved. They will be happy in the new place. It will provide them with exactly the right opportunities. And yet....Whaa...Sorrry, I am crying.

JFT...DOOOOONNNNNNTT GOOOOO...and that applies to you too...SP and family. New Zealand is a lucky country.


Clare said...

oh poor you! I hate it when good friends move away. Do you want to come over to ours after the meet tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

Oh, Carlotta, I hear you. My family and I had just started enjoying our new neighbors this spring when they moved in June. It was the first time my two younger children had friends so close. The children didn't homeschool, but we were an influence and they may consider it at some point. It was so hard for the kids and me having them gone! I had told myself that I wouldn't wait so long again to meet the new next door neighbors, but it was still about four months before we made the first connection. We still miss them. (sniff) She gave me a going away present, and I never had the chance to give her a gift in return as they moved sooner than they expected.
Carlotta, here's to good friends who we wish would stay.

Carlotta said...

Dear C,

Thank you! We would love to.

And Annette,

Also, thank you. It makes me feel much more sane to know there are others out there who feel similarly.

Anonymous said...

With any luck we'll just be a few miles away..application has now gone in...fingers and anything else you may be able to cross :-)
JFT xx

Carlotta said...

Dear JFT ,

I can't help but hope that this one pans out, tho' I do realise that NZ could be more than just the thing...what with surfing being on the curriculum + big pools and the like.

Hope all goes v. well.