Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Please note that I originally failed to include the more frightening of the two Freedom of Information files in this post. The omitted file covers the internal correspondence from Oct to Dec 2006, and gives more of an insight into the thinking behind the drive to implement "light touch" changes. If that link didn't work, try this one for size...(no idea what is going on!...could it be something to do with different versions of Adobe Reader?)

The other thing: Have created a permanent link to draft responses to the Consultation on guidelines for Elective Home Education....see boxes in the sidebar on the right. I will include another more personal response from another HEor in the near future.


Bishop Hill said...

The link to the omitted file appears to be broken.

Carlotta said...

Ah...that's interesting. I have to say that am not particularly enjoying my experience with PDF and Vista!

On this occasion, it does seem to be working at my end, but on first download, it takes simply ages. I think it is a big file, so could it be that it is just taking it's time?

Ruth said...

It said page cannot be found when I tried.

Anonymous said...

i can't see a box on the sidebar at all ? i guess it is away for testing ?

love, fiona ( eager to link to these ASAP )

Carlotta said... collapsing!! Um, will try to get that FOI file from somewhere else, but it is clearly behaving strangely somehow, as I do seem to be able to call it up. Will go on laptop/other PC to see if it is a cookie issue or something. If it is a compatibility problem with not reading various PDF versions or something, here's wondering if I could put all the info into Word and then in a blog post....

Um, re link to draft should be there, if you do have the latest version of blog up, though this would be for the last couple of days. It is rather inconspicuous. Just under the green profile box...two white lines. Am wondering if I could make it more obvious somehow. Any suggestions gratefully received.